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A long time ago in a galaxy very, very far away …

Star Wars Addon by Doctor Joker

To start this addon it must be played in experimental mode, since it adds to minecraft different weapons, mobs and textures based on the star wars movie, you will find these new mobs very easy since they appear in all biomes and they will always want to kill you


This plugin was published on MCPEDL.COM and MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL , it is not allowed to publish this plugin on other Minecraft Addons websites or apps without the permission of the creator. contact me here:  If you are going to put my plugin on your youtube, put the download link mcpedl or from my youtube do not put the direct download link or create your own download link or you will receive a complaint.

To play my addon you must put your world in EXPERIMENTAL mode to be able to play it, since it adds more, it does not replace mobs, texts and much more !!!
All these new mobs are spawned naturally in all biomes, YOUR WORLD WITH THIS ADDON WILL BE A PLANET DOMINATED BY THE FIRST ORDER.

New weapons:
For now there are only two weapons in the game which are the Trooper Blasters,.To create them it is very simple the first is replaced by the bow, the second looks at the preparation…
Damage: 5

These machines are very big and dangerous, they will always want to kill you, be very careful since this is not alone, this machine just spawned 5 stormtroopers will come out of it

Health: 150
Shoot: Small Fireball
generate: Stormtrooper
scale: 2.o
attack: player, villager, cow, and more…

It has behaviors and sounds equal to those of the movies, making it a totally incredible mob, be very careful and equip yourself with a blaster to defeat him.

Tie Fighter:
This ship is one of the most dangerous of the addon, it is too fast both to move and to attack you, it will always attack its target at a very long distance

Health: 150
Shoot: Small Fireball ( very fast) 
scale: 2.o
attack: player, villager, cow, and more…

This trooper soldier is the weakest of this addon, of course if you have a diamond armor, only one is easy, but many troopers is an impossible mission

Health: 30
Shoot: Trooper blaster ( very fast) 
scale: 1.o (same as the player)
melee attack: 4 ( only in the water) 

Soon this addon will be updated and more mobs and machines will be added if you want to know more subscribe to my channel:  also leave a comment which is what you want to be added in this addon
Remember to put the download link only from mcpedl or the download link from my youtube channel in your video if you will not get a wake-up call.

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1. DOWNLOAD Star Wars Addon by Doctor Joker
2. press the .mcaddon file
3. Use it in experimental mode
4. is ready to play