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MC: Impossible Mode Addon
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Ever wished you had that addon that youtubers have? Or maybe you just want something new and is sick of the plain old minecraft, well this pack is for you! This pack has 10+ features to make this game impossible!

This pack has some features


  • Creepers instantly get charged whenever you get near
  • Creepers constantly get struck by lightning everytime you get near


  • They’re now ghosts

Bad effects

  • You get slowness
  • You get weakness

Good effects (To help you)

  • Resistance
  • Thats all you get


  • 3 slots in your hotbar only
  • Zombies are a little op (not too much)
  • More!

How to activate the addon

  1. Type /give @s command_block
  2. Place the command block down
  3. Set it to repeat
  4. Set it to always active
  5. Type function impossiblemode
  6. Enjoy your new impossible life!

If you need a more detailed explanation, heres a video!

Enjoy this function pack!


  1. Click the download link
  2. Click continue
  3. Click blue box
  4. Click minecraft
  5. Go to settings> storage> resource packs
  6. Delete "Impossible Mode Addon" (Resource pack not behaviour)
  7. Go back to menu
  8. Click play
  9. Put behaviour pack in a world
  10. Enjoy!