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MC: Mo’ Bends​ BE Add-on (Animated Mobs) (1.8 Only)
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This add-on includes new animations for some of the mobs in Minecraft. The intention of the add-on is to add new animations (or improve existing ones) for most mobs in Minecraft. It is not 100% done but you can expect more additions in a future update of the add-on. Custom animations is one of the new features being added in version 1.8 of Minecraft. Add more realism to your worlds today!

Creator: MCPA Team
Updated: 19 October, 2018 (Added​ new​ bend​ animation​ of​ skeleton!)


  • Skeleton​ can bend arm and leg
  • Villager has arm animation​
  • Chicken has a rocking head when they walk

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Requirement: Requires v1.8 or above. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” if you’re playing on the beta!

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings> Global Resources> Activate the pack