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MC: Subject 248: Days Gone Bye
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Subject 248: Days Gone Bye is an adventure map in which an artificial intelligence has taken you captive and is now forcing you to participate in different tests. It claims it is doing this for the greater good but you’ve had enough of these experiments and finally decided to escape. This is the second map in an adventure map series. Click here to play the first one!

Creator: DJDiamondPlayzM, Twitter Account


For unknown reasons you are kept a prisoner inside a facility which is being controlled by an artificial intelligence. Months have gone by and every day you’ve been forced to participate in different experiments. You are currently being kept inside a prisoner cell and you have really had enough of all this and finally decided to escape. Is this all a test or will you finally find a way out of this hellhole?

subject-248-3 subject-248-4


  • Set difficulty to normal (-|–)
  • Don’t break blocks unless told otherwise