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MC: MCPE Education Mode Exploration (Beta) [Creation]
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Explore the new Education Mode in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! Learn about the elements in the world, while using tools including the Element Constructor, Compound Creator and the Lab Table. At the end of exploring the map (in Survival Mode), you can go into Creative Mode, and use the Material Reducer to learn about the elements which make up Minecraft blocks.

Creator: KappaKapeesh

How to play?

  • The first area is a huge Periodic Table, including all 118 elements known in the world. Inside you will find a simple book of elements, and an Element Constructor which you can use to create all elements and their various isotopes.
  • The second area features the Compound Creator, which you can use to create various substances. The green area features 5 different chlorides.
  • The third area is the best part. You can make different items and substances which will enhance the Minecraft experience. Try making the Super Fertilizer, which can make plants and crops grow to maturity instantly in one use!
  • Lastly, you will be told to switch to Creative Mode, where you can use the Material Reducer to explore the elements which make up certain Minecraft blocks.