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MC: EckoSoldier’s Last Ever Minecraft 360 World Download!
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Today is a happy day, but also a sad day for me. It’s a happy day because I can finally share with you the download to my last ever Minecraft Xbox 360 series. (see below) It’s a sad day because not only is this the last ever world download/series but end of the Era for Minecraft Xbox 360 on my Youtube channel. That game, that console is the reason I live the life I do and have the community I have and I’ll always be grateful for that version.

it’s a Survival Island world as Survival Island was always the most popular series on my YouTube channel. We built some incredible things all in survival and below are a list in case you are curios

  • Rebuilt village
  • multiple statues
  • wizard/watch tower
  • drowned farm
  • food farms
  • auto farms
  • villager farms
  • end farm
  • animal barn
  • drained guardian temple