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This is an unofficial port of the Java Edition mod called TerrariaCraft (can be found here: so that bedrock users can experience it as well. This addon will keep up with the pace of the Java version meaning it will only add content which are in the latest builds of the Java version. ALL credit for this should go to Zeith(The creator of TerrariaCraft) and the rest of the team as they are they are the ones who make this possible.

Currently this addon is in very early stages and is not meant to be played in survival at this time. The plan is to update every week with new content, but it all depends on how quickly I can get things done. 

Current Features:


  • Green and Blue slimes
  • Demon Eyes
  • Bunnies


  • Copper pickaxe, axe, sword and short sword
  • Iron pickaxe, axe, sword and short sword
  • Gel
  • Wood
  • Shadewood
  • Ebonwood
  • Lens
  • Mushrooms
  • Vile Mushrooms
  • Vicious Mushrooms
  • Life Crystals 
  • Items for almost every block

And more….


  • Tree segments
  • Terraria Dirt
  • Terraria Grass
  • Terraria Stone
  • Workbench
  • Terraria Sand
  • Terraria Snow
  • Copper Ore
  • Torch
  • Iron ore
  • Wood 
  • Shadewood
  • Ebonwood
  • Furnace 
  • Iron and Lead anvils
  • Terraria Sandstone
  • Grass plants
  • Mushroom
  • Vile Mushroom
  • Vicious Mushroom
  • Life Crystal

And more…


  • Version 1.16.200 and higher.
  • Windows 10, iOS or Android(Other platforms will work too if you can figure out how to install addons on them)

Known bugs:

  • Custom world generation breaks after reloading your world(Mojang Bug). You can fix this if you have a device that can access the latest beta, if no you just reapply the pack on the world every time you join it.
  • Music has an occasional change of play together when going through multiple biomes really quickly. 
  • Slimes walk around instead of jumping 
  • Some items are not in the correct creative tabs


If you find any bugs or have any general questions, reply on this page and I will try to get back to you or DM me on discord at Ryorama#6339 for a quicker response. You can also join the Java Edition’s Discord server here to check out it’s progress here as well as our own detected server here

Also, here is the proof of permission from the original creator. Their discord tag is Zeith#0001: