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MC: テレポーターアドオン Teleporter Addon
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Are you tired of traveling far away? Do you want to use something that can be teleported immediately? Try this add-on! You can teleport far away with a teleporter! Your Minecraft life should be better …!

Video Showcase


All teleporters are available at /function all_teleporter
All minecraft wool colors are available

how to use

You can use it by right-clicking or tapping the teleporter
Be sure to place the teleporter where you want to teleport
Randomly teleport if there are 3 or more of the same color
Teleporters can only teleport with the same color
Teleporters can teleport with mobs


White Teleporter

Sirver Teleporter

Gray Teleporter

Black Teleporter

Brown Teleporter

Red Teleporter

Orange Teleporter

Yellow Teleporter

Lime Teleporter

Green Teleporter

Cyan Teleporter

Light Blue Teleporter

Blue Teleporter

Purple Teleporter

Magenta Teleporter

Pink Teleporter

Don’t forget to turn them on at the end