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MC: The Big Friendly Villager Addon
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Hi there, welcome back to another Chibicator’s Buddy addon series, today i create new addon about villager-player friendship again, this addon inspired by Disney’s The BFG, and i thought BFG’s friendship-themed is cool and i decided to create an addon parody but vanilla cover, here is the description or story:

Have you ever thought of something big living and hiding behind the trees in the forest? Well, according to the story of the people from North Taigaville say that they believe there are giants who live in the forest, hide and rarely show themselves, but a page of their ancestral book about giants is missing, so they think that giants are cruel, kill and kidnap natives and villagers will kill the giant if they meet

In this addon, your job is to find the giant and find out their behavior, people say that giants live in the Taiga biome, actually giants are lonely, friendly, protectors like golems, protect the forest and they are called The Big Friendly Villager

Here is the biograph:


Friendly Mythic creatures from North Taigaville

Name: Giant Villager

Health: 100 heart bars

Spawn: Taiga Biome (Little rare)

Attack: Monster, illagers

Damage: 20 damage (-10 heart bars)

Taming Item: Sweet berries, honey bottle, apples and melon

Rideable: Yes, Before (Uncontrollable) and after (Controllable) tamed

Following Owner/Tamer: Yes

here is the pictures:

Hiding Giant

Tall Comparison

Giant Carrying Player (Ride Position)

Giant Protect Forest From Lumberjacks

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Requires Experimental Gameplay



  1. Download file .mcaddon below
  2. Click the file then it will automatic import, if you having problem about importing mcaddon, try to change it to zip
  3. More installation information in Installation Guides below then click on your device name
  4. Enjoy The Addon!