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MC: The Ultimate Maximum Security Prison
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Welcome to a prison that is near impossible to escape, a prison that is 100 blocks large, a prison that has 20 secure cells and one major, extreme cell with 5 combination locks to enter along with unbreakable walls, lots of lava and lots of elder guardians. This prison is so hard to escape that you must know the layout of the walls to actually escape. Do you think you can escape? Try today!

Welcome to the most protected, hardest to escape prison in MCPE. This prison is 100 blocks long with all the walls being triple encased in stone bricks and obsidian. There is a reception to check in, a iron bar door to seperate the smaller, less guarded cells. These cells have a disappearing floor which can be toggled along with 2 elder guardians constantly effecting the player inside with mining fatuigue III.

The main cell has 6 safety precautions. The first defence is a 3 layer cell door which is made of obsidian, iron bars and sea lanterns. The next step is testing to see if the visitor has items, they will be killed and respawned, then the gate will open. The next step is just a standard 2 layer iron bar fence that can be toggled. Next, ther is a lava moat that you need to press a button to deploy a bridge that will retract in around 10 seconds. Then you are at the main cell reception. There is an obsidian floating cell wich is encased in lava until you toggle it off. There is a door that is unbreakable and a bridge that will extend then retract as you run across it. There is a small viewing platform that you can spectate the prisoner and vistor. There are 2 more elder guardians above the cell that will constantly supply mining fatuigue III. Can you escape this fortress of a prison?