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MC: Ruby Secret (Chapter I)
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This is my first map made by me. Story: You are an explorer who goes on an adventure in a forbidden forest. In your way you will meet some evil beings sent by their boss who will confuse you on the journey. When you get to the temple there will be some tests; if you pass them you will be able to get the legendary treasure of the temple.

I Make this map because i want to add to real forgotten / deleted things from Minecraft. in chapter 2 i will add quiver villager pigman nether reactor glowing obsidian and many more.

Tell us in the comments what will happen next in the story. You can be inspired by the spoiler picture with a map of the important places where the action takes place.

A little hint: step on all the pressure plates and when you kill the guard if he drops two weak swords of netherites you can craft them to have a better one.

The picture below is a spoiler. I thought I’d put it because maybe I’ll get inspiration from you to make the better story in Chapter 2.

If someone is good at the geometry file, look at the boss on the top left and make his character.

Whoever wants can contact me at:

Here are some pictures of the map:

Thanks for downloading this map! 😉


There was ".zip" version and ".mcworld" version.