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MC: Auxiliary [Adventure]
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Auxiliary is the long away sequel to Genisys which by the way is another highly recommended map to those of you who haven’t played it already. The story picks up where it was last left off and takes you on a new adventure where you attempt to escape the genius mind of an artificial super intelligence called IRIS.

Creator: MatPatCat
Updated: 19 June, 2017 (read changelog)


You’ve escaped from IRIS – at least you thought so until very recently. IRIS looks to has captured you again and this time you will be sent through another set of twisted experiments. But this time you remember IRIS and you immediately attempt to escape.


  • Don’t break anything
  • Play on peaceful
  • Make sure that the gamemode is set to survival
  • No cheating



  • Improved police box function
  • Vent touch-ups
  • Fixed second IRIS exploding bug
  • Fixed locked sector door
  • Added an Automatic Portal Block in the Internet (to stop cheating)
  • Gave the Internet’s Firewall Room a Roof
  • Gave the Internet’s Zero Portal on the ground an elevator to get back up
  • Fixed the Anti-Virus Code Chutes
  • Fixed the Internet’s Slime Block Elevator
  • Fixed the grammar/spelling on signs

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