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MC: SS Legacy Prisons [PvP]
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This map includes a fully functional setup for hosting a Prisons game on a Realms server or on a local multiplayer server. You’ll out by going into the starter mine and mine pumpkins and melon which you then sell to work yourself up to the other mines. Mine A is free but you need to buy a pickaxe from the Custom Crafting Shop in order to progress in the map.

Creator: SupershifteryTwitter AccountYouTube Channel

Note from the creator: If you want to Help with future maps message me on twitter. Also make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel I’m trying to hit 10,000 subs this year

Map Features

  • AZ Mines
  • Creates
  • Custom Villager Shops
  • Purge
  • PvP Mine
  • Starter Mine
  • Smelting Room

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Important: This map is recommended for high-end devices (iOS / Android), computers (Windows 10) and consoles (Xbox).