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MC: Rank Functions UPDATE!
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This adds rank functions to your game which allows you to have ranks. To use the pack cheats have to be enabled. To make the ranks use the command /function make_ranks, then if you want to know how to make a player a certain rank do /function help_rank_players for info and to remove use /function help_remove_player_ranks for info.  Update at 500 views. You are free to add to this and repost it

This data/behavior pack adds ranks by using the scoreboard command. To use this pack first type the command /function make_ranks to make the ranks, then type /function help_rank_players to tell you how to rank players and /function help_remove_player_rank to remove their rank. I hope you enjoy this function behavior pack, Thank You!


For Bedrock users I recommend getting the mcpack. Open a file explorer and open it or share it to minecraft. For Java use the zip file. Open minecraft, then make a new world but go to datapacks and click the open datapack folder. Drag the zip to the folder and unzip it of take the folder out. If you have trouble search it up.