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MC: 3 Villages, Mutated Savanna Biome, Ravines, Desert Temple (Seed)
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We have found a seed for ya’ll! We hope this seed will help ALOT with your survival world or creative by chance (even speedrunning). Feel free to share this seed to your friends.

Signed, Flashest Studios

This seed has 3 villages, a mutated savanna biome, 2 ravines and 1 desert temple near spawn! In the closest village there is a blacksmith and a librarian house. There is a large chance you might get diamonds from the desert temple and 2 mending books ( because in Bedrock Edition not all loot is the same in worlds with the same seeds unlike Java Edition). Each of the ravines is near 1 of the villages I have listed. Each Ravine is beside a village as you can see in the first image. 

This seed has been very useful to use and it will probably be very useful for you too! It is very helpful with speedrunning and its also good for getting resources fast!

( TIP: There is a stronghold underneath a savanna village near the desert village I have listed!)

Please Enjoy and share with your friends so they can get a good experience and so can you!

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