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MC: Lush Mossy Biome
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 Lush Mossy Biome is a biome that adds some new blocks and plants to your game. It is a very simple Addon, which for now does not have many things, but I can guarantee that it is a very beautiful biome and a great place to build your home!

Mossy Stone:

 It is a block similar to the grass block, however it emits some particles that make the atmosphere of the biome more beautiful.



  • Black Lotus: It generates throughout the biome and can be converted to black dye.
  • Blue Lavender: It generates throughout the biome and can be converted to light blue dye.
  • Dried Vines: It is generated in almost all trees in the biome and can be converted into a stick.
  • Fluorescent Tallgrass: Similar to tallgrass, however, it emits a small illumination and is generated throughout the biome.


Lush Mossy Stone:

 It is a variant of Mossy Stone and has the ability to generate some of the plants mentioned above.