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MC: Bridge 1v1 Duel!
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This is a fun minigame map that I and my friend zombieboyTV ( The rules are simple: No cheating, no going into your own goal, and WIN.  This is very different from my other maps and the fact is, this is a blatant copy of hypixel’s bridge minigame, just for bedrock edition.

There are 3 maps

Beach: Jungle:

And Nether:

You will start with these items: Iron sword, diamond pick, 2 stacks of concrete, full leather armor, 8 gaps, a bow, and infinite arrows.

The goal of the game is to get across the bridge to get inside the opponent’s hole/goal.  The first person to 5 goals wins!!!

It is for 2 people only (1v1’s) and of course, it is red vs blue.

YouTube channel Bassed-Hoven (please subscribe) 

The last thing, if you are going to make changes to my map, make sure not to touch the command blocks since every single one is extremely important.