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MC: 食べ物ツールアドオン Food Tools Addon
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Are you bored with ordinary equipment? Have you ever seen a tool made of food? Try this add-on! This add-on adds tools made from food! Let’s face the monsters with this! Your Minecraft life should change …!

Add Dirt armor and tools with this add-on And its survival friendly.

Video Showcase:

Apple Tools

Apple Sword +5 Damege

Apple Axe +5 Mining Speed

Apple Pickaxe +5 Mining Speed

Apple Shovel +5 Mining Speed

Apple Hoe 

Cake Tools

Cake Sword +6 Damage

Cake Axe +7 Mining Speed +Sneak and cut all

Cake Pickaxe +7 Mining Speed +Sneak and mine all

Cake Shovel +7 Mining Speed

Cake Hoe

Pumpkin Tools

Pumpkin Sword +6 Damage

Pumpkin Axe +6 Mining Speed

Pumpkin Pickaxe +6 Mining Speed

Pumpkin Shovel +6 Mining Speed 

Pumpkin Hoe 

Golden Apple Tools

Golden Apple Sword +9 Damage

Golden Apple Axe +10 Mining Speed +Sneak and cut all

Golden Apple Pickaxe +10 Mining Speed +Sneak and mine all

Golden Apple Shovel +10 Mining Speed

Golden Apple Hoe 

Cooked Beef Tools

Cooked Beef Sword +6 Damage

Cooked Beef Axe +6 Mining Speed

Cooked Beef Pickaxe +6 Mining Speed

Cooked Beef Shovel +6 Mining Speed

Cooked Beef Hoe

Apple Armor

Apple Armor +5.5 Protection

Cake Armor

Cake Armor +9.5 Protection

Pumpkin Armor

Pumpkin Armor +Full Protection

Golden Apple Armor

Golden Apple Armor +Full Protection +Knockback Resistance

Cooked Beef Armor

Cooked Beef Armor +9 Protection +Knockback Resistance

Don’t forget to turn them on at the end