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MC: Easyminer for Minecraft (Multimine Ores)
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A custom Minecraft mod pack that mines ore clusters instantly and breaks trees down with one hit! Get rid of the annoying gravel withing seconds with this amazing mod pack called Easyminer!

This modpack allows you to break a cluster of ore with one break by crouching. While crouching and breaking trees, the tree will fall when broken from the bottom. Using a shovel, you can easily clear troves of gravel withing seconds. Tired of spending so much time breaking obsidian? Just crouch and break it and all will be mined!

Easyminer Basic supports – All Ores and All Trees can be mined easily while crouching

Easyminer Plus supports- All Ores, All Trees, Gravel and Obsidian can be mined easily while crouching

For this modpack to work correctly, make sure it is placed in the behaviors and that experimental gameplay is enabled!

The video provided is a visual representation of how the mod pack works, i hope you enjoy!

Packs were updated so that they can be installed together and they should no longer not be in conflict with other mod packs!