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MC: /function command: clears permitter (Function Pack )
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These sets of command can clear out any area of you choosing, but be ware, the following commands can and will destroy ores, bedrock and it also dan kill you, it is recommended that you do them in creative 

The commands are/do the following:

/function clear.p (clears 3 by 3 chunk area)

/function clear.p2 (clears 6 by 6chunk area)

/function clear.p3 (clears 9 by 9 chunk area) (does not always clear the 9 by 9)

/function help (shows you all the commands

/function kit (gives you the necessary stuff for pvp for basics)

the clear.p ones can be laggy so be careful. And if you going to clear an area down words, do the same command like 2 to 3 times only, 

when you install it, select this photo in the behavior settings in your world


If installing on xbox use this video as a guide:

this is a zip file, i might have to be changed to a file or a mcpack