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This addon adds thirst into your game. The thirst goes down slowly and eventually will kill you unless you get to water. If you have any ideas or find any bugs please say in the comments.


The thirst addon adds working thirst into the game. It should be compatible with most mods. When you run out of thirst the only way to refill your thirst at the moment is by jumping in water. The thirst goes down 1 every 30 seconds. The thirst goes down even quicker if your standing on sand.

The thirst bar. ^

What the thirst bar does is add a bar of thirst onto the screen. It works similarly to the hunger bar but it goes down naturally.

When your thirst reaches 0. Or you run out, you will take some damage. The thirst goes down relatively quickly so I would make  sure to keep a water bucket on you at all times.

The thirst also runs out quicker while in the nether to give the nether more danger. Also because the nether is hot. So you would get a lot more dehydrated in there.

The thirst bar filled up because I was in water.