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This is the 2nd edition of ‘Trains! Add-on’. In this add-on main feature stays the same, which is Connectable Minecarts! But this time minecarts are replaced with Steam-locomotive, carriage and wagons!

Here’s the Vanilla Edition in case you prefer the vanilla experience of minecraft

Creator: @da4thedge

So, what’s in this version?

Minecarts are replaced with Steam locomotive, Passenger carriage and wagons

4 new tools to connect them together

(custom items, stackable[20 per slot], one time use)

How to obtain?

You can obtain the train’s 4 parts and their coupling tools by using crafting table. Here’s the recipes

How to use?

Load and add the addon files

Turn on Experimental Gameplay (otherwise you can’t get custom items in-game)

Now watch this short video below to learn how to use them properly(sorry for the video quality)


Leash is not rendered between connected wagons

Seat position is incorrect when the train moves towards Z axis

Replaced minecarts(for the sake of rotation animations)

Supported minecraft version: 1.12

1.13(beta) is rendering the textures incorrectly for an unknown reason. So until full release of 1.13, this addon is only available for 1.12