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MC: Mob in Structures Without Crashing Example
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Note: this package is intended for creators of other addons as it would not be very useful for players.

In 1.15 of the bedrock version the structure_template was added to be randomly generated by the map, but since this version there is a bug that crashes the game if the structure has mobs in general, I researched for a while and made my own solution and I hope to help you creator of addons.

solution made by: Hard love

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Step 1: you make your structure normally

Step 2: create a block (no texture needed, only if you want), your block must have the tick component (put a large value) and an event with the summon command

Step 3: position your new block in the structure and you can now export it

Step 4: download NbtStudio.exe and open .mcstructure, navigate to tick_delay and change the value to 0

Step 5: paste the .mcstructure into the structures folder of your behavior, create the feature and feature rules of your structure

Step 6:go back to the block file and change the large value to 0

Step 6:do your tests

although there is such a solution the bug of the structure with mob crash the game still exists, if you are not comfortable, help to report this link

one last observation: the more structures that appear, the chance that the command in the block will work may fail

if you know a better way to put mobs without crashing the game and no chance to speak dina in the comments