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MC: Smart House (Talking AI) [Creation]
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This is a house from the future. Meet HAL 9001 – a talking super intelligent computer that can chat, compliment, play music and much more. (It ca get a bit condescending. ;)) A beautiful modern design, from the exterior to the furniture, built on an amazing custom terrain with gorgeous scenery and haunting caves to explore.

Creators: HankMMXVII (Interior Design and Redstone), DeeTB720 (Exterior Design)


The house is filled with redstone and command block contraptions, plus there’s a secret basement with all the technologies that allow you to dominate the world (or maybe not).

We got rid of the conventional enchantment table and introduced the revolutionary enchantment wall! get the highest level of any enchantment you want with a press of a button. and also a super efficient brewing station that fills with awkward potions and blaze powder automatically.

There is also a BIG cycle system storage that allows you to cycle through 24 LARGE CHESTS, again, only with  press of a button. Not to mention a working fountain, a spinning armor stand display and realistic elevators!