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Do you love Minigames? Parkour? Survival and Adventure? Who loves horror maps? Then download this one map . It’s free! Everything you like was found here – from science to arts ; For Girls or boys . Start with money Earning in survival then explore the world , planets and play Minigames with friends/ solo.


• This map was first created on 2015(when I was 10 years old) so please do not republish this map and claim as yours😓

• If you use this map on your video please leave a link of this site(or else, i can report your video)

• Some of this buildings are edited using Master Builder App

• Everywhere you go ,the background music will automatically play . For example: Parkour(Dramatic and Intense BG Music) & Elsa’s Castle (Let it go Instrumental) 

• You can recreate the map and update it but do not republish this as new submission in MCPEDL

      [ BUILDINGS                  IN MAP ]

1.) Portals

There are four portal you can enter : Outer Space, Minigames, School and Horror Map… (but the other unworking portals will be update soon)

If the portal wont work try to use lever or fix the redstone circuit

a.) Minigames– when you enter the portal your game mode will automatically change to Adventure .

Possible Games: Cooking Mama, Rules of Survival, Temple Run, Super Mario(lvl1-10) , Shooting (with reward)

With friends : Boxing, Clash of clans, Boat shooting, Hide n seek, Plant Vs Zombie

Coming soon: Granny

b.) Horror Map– This map is very creepy + thunder and cemetery ambience . I don’t want to tell you the next , just to surprise you haha😛😆

c.) School – With your friends , you can make your own teaching system .

d.) Outerspace: Automatically set the time into night . Celestial Bodies existing : Moon and Mars. Feather falling effect as gravity speed .

Coming soon: Sun and Galaxy

2.) Cherry Blossom Forest

If you are a KPOP Lover , here, you can stay and listen the music “BTS- Spring day” .

3.) Arendelle 

Frozen Lover? Travel here!

Place Background music: First time in Forever Instrumental

4.) Stampy and Spongebob Area

5.) Rollercoaster

 I forgot , there is also a portal named ” Rollercoaster” and it is better to go entrance so that you can get background music

Background music: Super Mario

Style: Medieval

6.) Church

 In this map, there’s only one church . Whenever you enter the church , the magical and relaxing background music plays 

BG: Kevin MacLeod – Enchanted Valley

7.) Earning Rewards

 You can earn rewards through fishing .

What to do with a reward?

Reward can buy you foods and tickets to travel.

8.) Restaurants

As you got the rewards , you can then buy foods in restaurants by hovering the command blocks to see the price.

9.) Night Fireworks

Dispensers will shoot fireworks every night time

10.) Parkour 

 There’s also another Parkour in a map aside from minigame one.

BG Music: Helmet Heroes – Arena Entrance

11.) Clash of clans

12.) Elsa’s Castle

13.) Science Lab

 Are you a science lover?

This laboratory offers you many things : Chemistry , Surgery , Redstone Physics and Constellation Observing.

14.) Hotel

  Guys , this hotel is not yet compete like room is empty so please customize your room and leave a name😁

15.) Rocket to Space

 This is just the same on what I said on number one . But portal is free and in this rocket you need to earn moneys to buy a ticket. Put a ticket in a dispenser to enter the rocket.

The rocket is ugly because this was made by 8-years old me before haha

BG Music: Angry Birds Space


16.) Aqua life

 Aquarium with house for you to live but be careful on nearby creatures sometimes pufferfish and guardian will spawn

BG Music: Helmet Heroes- Aqualantis

17.) Beach

 BG Music: Helmet Heroes- Tropical Beach

18.) Jungle and Mushrooms

BG Music: Helmet Heroes : Mushroom Alley

19.) Volcano and Forest Campaign Area

 If you have free time in game you can visit this peaceful place . You can bring your friends in campaign area(forest nearby the volcano) . Chicken will always spawn in this place

20.) Airport and many more..


Every airplane has its own destination : But only 2 are working : Seoul Korea(Black pink Concert) and New York

Coming soon: Japan, Swedish, Manila-Philippines


Updates buildings will be announce soon


     I am happy for sharing my childhood memories😢🙂 and I hope that you share this map guys through youtube or in any ways as long as you give a credit to this site and please..please .. do not republish this map.. Thank you.. Welcome to my map future visitors 😁

— 2015 time Traveller 😆


Simply open the .mcworld file ..No need to extract