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MC: Dark Artifacts [Adventure]
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The Dark Artifacts is an adventure map where you are put on a test to find some dark artifacts which are hidden deep inside a castle and protected by the Dark Master.

Creator: Blitz_MCPE



The main objective in the map is to get the dark artifacts which are worth a lot of cash. Before getting the dark artifacts you will have to adventure through the map where multiple challenges will be met that the Dark Master have created to protect his treasures. Will you finish the map or will you be lost and forgotten? The answer is up to you!


  • Never break blocks
  • Only kill hostile mobs (except the skeletons)
  • Don’t change the gamemode


  • To win the map you will have to get to the end of the map and blow up the head of the Dark Master.
  • When you spawn enter the mini castle as soon you can.
  • The map can be played in multiplayer with friends.

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