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MC: Minecraft: Star Wars The Complete Saga Negotiations
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The classic childhood game, Star Wars the Complete Saga, in Minecraft. (Well at least the first level) In this map:

  • Play Free-play
  • Explore the Cantina
  • Play Story mode
  • Play as Jedi, Sith, GONK droids, or any other complete saga character.
  • Working Jetpacks
  • Working Blasters
  • Fight Battle Droids and Droidekas
  • Collect studs
  • Earn True Jedi
  • Get all 10 Minikits
  • Find the Red Brick Cheat Code
  • Create your own character
  • Working and custom textured NPCs
  • Use the force

So far only this first level is available (Negotiations). I tried to recreate the level 1:1 to how the game works but obviously there are some flaws. I spent around 45 in-game hours making it, enjoy!

The Cantina Band! Pillagers retextured!


-Play Free-play

-Explore the Cantina

-Play Story mode

-Play as Jedi, Sith, GONK droids, or any other complete saga character.

-Working Jetpacks

-Working Blasters

-Fight Battle Droids and Droidekas

-Collect studs

-Earn True Jedi

-Get all 10 Minikits

-Find the Red Brick Cheat Code

-Create your own character

-Working and custom textured NPCs

-Use the force

Custom NPCs allow for users to easily navigate the map, plus they look really cool too, huh?

Fight Battle Droids! They do damage so watch out!

Wield a lightsaber and the force like a Jedi. The “force” is a retextured fishing rod, make sure to throw it while looking downwards, otherwise, it won’t work. You can see areas where you can use the force by looking for the totem particle effect, if it does not work at first, try getting closer to it or exiting and re-opening the world. 

Use the Force to protect yourself, again, MAKE SURE TO LOOK DOWNWARDS WHEN USING THE FORCE. You can also kill droidekas by getting close to them and then using the force.

Collect Studs to earn True Jedi. Yes, this is very satisfying. There is one glitch, you can kill the coins with a lightsaber, I will fix this in future updates.

Custom textured paintings. Using Crafty Craft! I made this whole thing on Pocket Edition IOS. Thank you for maybe dowloading my addon! This is my first one and I feel like I did okay but I would like to know of any bugs that you guys find, thanks!


IOS only: Open the link and click the three dots up in the top right hand corner. Then tap “open in” and click save to files. In files uncompressed the file and add it to Minecraft>Games>com.mojang>MinecraftWorlds