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This is a addon with more at the fav Minecraft boss

The wither but I have made it in four versions each strong and one of them is inspired by another Minecraft game I’ll give you a hint mc sm if you know then nice and make sure to go to my new discord at:

Ok so this is a beta version so tell me the glitches I already know that the wither storm can’t fly and I’m sorry it seems that some how it’s too heavy to fly but anyways time for

The bosses/mobs


The hurricane wither 

A hurricane that had become a wither like being that will kill a lot 

Health: 600hp

Damage: 1hp


the demonic wither

A demonic soul that will wither and destroy anyone’s soul for fun

Health: 666hp

Damage:  6hp


the supernova wither

A wither that has been in a supernova and absorbed the power

Heath: 1000hp

Damage: 8hp


the wither storm

A command block wither that has developed itself into a monster

Health: 6000hp

damage: 3hp


ok so that is it for now but this addon will keep updated and don’t forget to join my discord:


Just click and should start downloading