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This is a flat map pack which includes 8 different infinite flat worlds which are suitable for builders who need a flat world but need some other terrain than just grass and dirt. There’s really no other way than using maps like these to custom the world layers in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. But hopefully layer settings will be a feature some time in the future similar to Java Edition.

Creator: mcpe dash
Updated: 1 September, 2018 (read changelog)

Flat Map Types

Ice (Layers: Bedrock: 1, Water: 5, Ice: 1)

Iron (Layers: Bedrock: 1, Stone: 1, Iron: 3)

Lava (Layers: Bedrock: 1, Dirt: 1, Lava: 5)

Snow (Layers: Bedrock: 1, Dirt: 3, Snow: 3)

Water (Layers: Bedrock: 1, Dirt: 1, Water: 5)

Invisible Bedrock World (It’s like void, but in fact it’s Invisible Bedrock at the bottom)

Upward Bubble Columns (Put water on the soul sands. Then there will be upward bubble columns. It’ll be fun :p)

Water Invisible Bedrock (Put water on Invisible Bedrock World. In this world you will not fall under the water. And the water looks more transparent.)


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