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MC: Custom Rewrited [Custom Terrain]
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This is a custom terrain which is suited to use for survival gameplay. It features a medium sized island with plenty of different biomes and areas to explore. Some of the areas include new forest types, waterfalls, a vast beach and once you’ve spawned you will find a chest full of tools, food and armor. And if you are of the creative mind then there is also plenty of flat areas for you to build!

Creator: Tyler707 Proarcher


  • A custom oak, pine, and palm forests
  • An snowy extreme hills biome with a waterfall leading into a lake
  • A vast beach
  • You can earn achievements in this world
  • You get a starter chest full with tools, food, and armor
  • And plenty of flat terrain for creative builders

Creator’s Notes

  • While creating this world I originally intended that when you go outside the islands, there will be an endless ocean. However while importing the world to Bedrock. For some reason it replaced the Infinite ocean, with a flat world. So do expect when you go outside the world there will be flat land, But soon in future worlds I’ll fix it.
  • There are really not much caves you can find on the surface, you have to dig down and hope you find them.
  • If you’re wondering how this was made, I simple use World Painter to make the world then use a World Importer to Import the world from Java to Bedrock. (However you need a computer to do that)

There’s quite a bit to show here but There is some small notices you need to know about.