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This is a simple but fun map in which you must choose a kit to then face your friends in the pvp zone and show who is the best at the time of pvp always remember to have fun since it is the most important thing

Welcome to Kit PvP this is a pvp map as its name implies, in which you will have to choose your kit with which you must beat all your rivals and win the game after winning the game they will give you 60 Coins with which you can buy different items in the store such as: shields, ender pearls, golden apple, totem among others.

It is on a multiplayer map so at least 2 players are needed to play the map and the maximum number of players is 8.

In total there are 8 kits which you can choose from and some even have abilities such as the “Wild Ice” Kit can freeze the players or the “Arañotac” Kit. This kit gives you the ability of a spider, they will give you poison every so often and you will have spider web to slow down your rivals.

The pvp area is large and has plenty of space for you to have the best pvp with your friends.

The map restarts automatically this means that you can play as many times as you want with your friends.

If the map gets bugged, what can you do?

If the map is bugged just put in the chat follow it:

/ function reset and the map will automatically reset. This can cause lag! But don’t worry, after the map is completely reset, it doesn’t open lag.

In total there are 8 kits:

  • Kit Golem.
  • Kit Pro.
  • Killer kit.
  • Kit Enderman.
  • Kit Arañotac.
  • Wild Ice Kit.
  • Kit Pro +.

Flying Kit from the airs.


This map only works in version onwards.


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