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Welcome my friends,  To the world of Pokémon!

This addon will bring Pokémon from many regions to Minecraft.

It will have Pokémon from  all generations when it is fully complete including Mega Pokémon

Experimental mode will NOT need to be active to play this addon

The addon may have a few items that make no sence at the moment, these have been added for future updates, when they do something you will be notified. Thanks

With this addon I wanted to make the Pokémon system as vanilla as possible. I wanted to join Minecraft with Pokémon, so we don’t forget we are actually playing Minecraft with Pokémon, not just a Pokémon game.

The addon will not have a traditional battle system, instead it will rely on melee attacks with some Pokémon having special attacks aswell. To avoid getting hit by the Pokémon when they battle put your game on Peaceful mode. This will make the Pokémon only attack each other.

Pokémon Clear Crystal will have 2 ways of obtaining a Pokémon.

Firstly you can feed a Wild Pokémon a Friendship Berry. This will allow you to tame the Pokémon and keep it by your side there and then. The Pokémon will follow and attack for you straight away and the evolution timer will start.

Secondly you can catch a wild Pokémon using a Pokéball. This will allow you to store your Pokémon in your inventory until you would like to use it. When you do decide to let your Pokémon out of it’s Pokéball you will need to tame it with a Friendship berry. When you use a Pokéball you will see red particles coming from the Pokémon before it get caught in the Pokéball.

Tamed Pokémon will evolve by themseles over the space of a few hours. You can speed up this process using a few Golden Pinap Berries. If you return a Pokémon to it’s Pokéball or it gets killed, the time it takes for it to evolve will be reset.

Each Pokémon will have it’s own growth rate. The growth rate of each Pokémon will be the same as the real growth rates from the Pokémon games.

Slow, Medium/Slow, Medium, Medium/Fast and Fast

The slower the growth rate the more time is needed for the Pokémon to evolve.

So far this addon has the 3 starters and their evolutions.

Each can be caught and returned to thier Pokéballs.

All Pokéballs have a wiggle animation and a sound effect before dropping to the ground ready to be picked up.

Once a Pokémon has been caught or returned you can tap the Pokéball on the ground and pick up your Pokémon and the Pokéball used.

You can heal your Pokémon using Oran Berries. Each will give back 10HP.

You can craft all the items needed to catch and tame your Pokémon with easy to find ingredients.

To make a Pokéball you will need Red Iron Ingots. You can make these with Red Dye and Iron Ingots.


Friendship Berry

Oran Berry

To make rarer Pokémon easier to find while roaming the world or to bring your Pokémon closer to play with you can use the Pokémon Toy to temp them to you.

Instead of Rare Candy, You will need Golden Pinap Berries to help evolve your Pokémon.

Golden Pinap berries can be crafted in a crafting table.

To obtain Golden Pinap Berries you will need to kill wild Pokémon to get the standard Pinap Berries.

Only wild Pokémon in their basic stage will drop Pinap Berries, Evolved Pokémon will not.

Each Pokémon will have their own Biomes or areas they spawn in.

Chikorita can be found in Forests

Cyndaquil can be found in deserts

Totodile can be found in Rivers

Fully evolved tamed Pokémon will now drop an Egg of it basic form every 45-60 minutes, Once it lays an egg put it on the ground and wait for it to hatch.

You will need a Destiny Knot to “tame” the Egg to start the hatching time.

Pokémon Eggs will take around 30 minutes to hatch, Once they do the Pokémon inside will automaticly be tamed to you.

The sentret & Hoothoot lines have also been added.

All Pokémon have thier own animations and Cries.

Please enjoy this addon, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do making it.

Leave a comment if you enjoy this addon or if you find any issues with it. Also if your feeling generous give a rating and subscribe. Thank you.

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you make a review please give credits and make sure all links to this addon are to this page, Do not make your own Mediafire links to this addon. Thank You


Download both packs otherwise it will not work.