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MC: Plants vs Zombie Map Replica 1.0
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You love both Plants VS Zombies and Minecraft ?, Well you are in luck.

Plants vs Zombie MCPE/BE Map Replica by Pixel Cowboy is now available.

The Map Contains PVZ Classic Maps, PVZ 2 Island Selectors and the Actual Map

Watch the First Release Trailer

Main Menu Preview

Map Features : Version 1.0

1. PVZ Music Noteblock Covers

– You can find here all of the Classic PVZ Music but in Noteblock Cover Version 

  • Brainiac Maniac
  • Cerebrawl
  • Choose Your Seeds
  • Crazy Dave (Main Menu Music)
  • Grasswalk
  • Graze The Roof
  • Loon Boon
  • Moongrains
  • Rigor mormist
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Watery Graves
  • Zen Garden

PVZ 2 Music Noteblock Covers Coming Soon

2. Classic PVZ Maps

Map Selector Menu

-Current Available PVZ Classic Maps

  • Classic Grasslawn
  • Pool

Classic Grass lawn


3. PVZ 2 Islands

-These are the Map Selector, You can visit each island

4. PVZ 2 Maps

-Ancient Egypt 

Please do take note that,Currently this is only a map Remake of the actual Maps from the Plants VS Zombies.

We will soon Full Integrate my friend @lilcraftyt PVZ Addon to make the whole map have a functions.6

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Watch the Trailer


For Andriod

1. Using any File Manager (e.x Es File Explorer), 

Select the Map file and find the "Open via" option and select "Minecraft"

For Windows 10

1. Select "Play".

2. After the "Create New" icon there is an Import Icon, Click it and Search For "PVZ MAP by Pixel Cowboy.mcworld" and after you find it Press "Open"

and Wait for Minecraft to Load the Map