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MC: Java Debug World in Bedrock
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This is the debug world from java brought to bedrock edition so you can have fun with it or do a unique skyblock or find the perfect block to build with. This is the world used to test block types. Also, note that the whole overworld is the plains biome. Normally this would be gotten by clicking through the world options while holding shift but this is unable to be done normally in bedrock. This is the original debug world only put through a world converter.

This is the debug world from java brought to bedrock edition.It includes all the states of all(or most) the blocks in the game. keep in mind you need to go into creative first and get above the barrier layer to use it to stop your endless falling. Also, keep in mind due on 1.16 due to a glitch the fire will be invisible unless a block is placed beneath it. Thanks for checking out this world!


Move to Minecraft world file then click on it to import it