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This pack replaces the Minecraft shield model with the Deku Shield from the game Ocarina of Time. This doesn’t change anything but the shields model and texture. The texture in you inventory is also changed to the Deku Shield. The Deku Shield originated in a N64 game so it’s low graphics fits well with Minecraft and the pixel form looks really good on it.

What it looks like in game:

In your Inventory:

View of the model:

The Deku Shield is a simple wooden shield crafted from the bark of the Great Deku Tree. The Kokiri Symbol painted on its surface resembles the Kokiri’s Spiritual Stone, the Kokiri’s Emerald. The Deku Shield was used by young/kid Link and now can be wielded by you.

This pack was made by me so don’t take my model and use it in your own pack please. If you have any suggestions for other things I could make send them my way. If there’s any bugs tell me right away and I will try to fix it up.



All models made by me are my models please don’t steal them

Do not repost this pack anywhere without keeping the origin link that it came from

Don’t claim the models as your own credit me if you use them if you can


Known bugs:

There’s a glitch that is in the game as of 1.16.201 that makes the shield upside down while in the offhand. If the shield is not in your offhand it looks fine it will only appear upside down in 3rd person.


If you can't get the download link to work join my discord channel and ask for help there.