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MC: HyperPVP [PvP]
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This map is made by me and my friends. Our map is called HyperPVP and it is a game basically like Call of Duty and Minecraft combined. The game is elimination.


Hyperpvp offers a different experience of pvp than the regular pvp experience with many different kits to choose from. Within every game, there is an airdrop with really good weapons.

How To Play:

This map is an elimination game. You choose your kits before the game. The game is 7 mins long everyone fights everyone. Everyone speed is faster and the jump of the player is higher to give it a really different feel to pvp. 

There are 5 kits to choose from

1. Tank

2. Infinite Sheild

3. KillShot

4. Enrager

5 Secret kit (10+ Wins)


This is a special file just for Minecraft. Just click it and it will automatically install the bedrock map into your game no matter what system you're on.