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MC: 2×2 Customizable Piston Door Bedrock Edtion
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This Build is inspired by CraftyMasterman after sewing his build I decided my own version.

My build is the same as his it got 4 layers it has a selector panel and a locking system.

The locking system is only enable if the door is closed it means the selector panel is disbled you can’t change anything unless you open the door.

Redstone quick view:

Here is the selector panels

The diamond block is for lock activation and door Opening/Closing.

You will see that there’s a Redstone lamps on the floor and on the top of the diamond block, this lamps indicate the door conditions when the lamps are off this means the door is open the selector panel is enabled and when the lamps is on it means door is closed selector panel is disabled so can’t change anything.


Its in .mcworld file so tap on it it will automatically import and install