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MC: Connect 4 Without Hopper
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Hi everyone. Today I will present my connect 4. After 2 months of work, I have built the most compact connect 4 in Minecraft Bedrock, with a volume of 7740 blocks. Sorry if my English is bad, I’m French. The connect 4 uses hexadecimal memory. You can see a tutorial in the map.


My name is PhiPhi_111 and I love redstone, I build door and minigames. Today I will show you my connect 4.

Part 1 : connect 4

In my map, there is a tutorial how to build a connect 4 without hopper, with hexadecimal memory.

I recommend to use the latest version of minecraft because I have use the new blocks for decoration.

I don’t use hopper to make the connect 4

Here you can see the connect 4. I have used WorldEdit (/clone) to build it because it’s so long to build.

the button at the bottom reset all the connect 4. Player turns change automatically and you can add a button to change rounds manually if do you want but it’s will be difficult to implement.

Part 2 : the tutorial

In the map, there is a tutorial how to make it as simply as possible. The tutorial is next to the connect 4. It’s not very difficult to understand.

Part 3 : behind the connect 4

Behind the connect 4 you can see a lot of redstone and it may seem complicated.

So thank you to download my map and I will create other redstone map.


Download the ZIP and insert to the minecraft's world folder.