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MC: IronAgate’s Skyblock Lite
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There are so many complicated modded skyblock maps these days… Skyblock Lite is bringing it back to the basics! Spawn in an infinite void with limited resources and see how long you can survive!

Skyblock Lite is going back to the basics! Spawn on a grassy island with lava and ice to make a cobblestone generator. Nearby is a small desert island with a few crops and obsidian to travel to the nether. Through the portal you will find a soul sand island in a giant 2k by 2k nether void! Be careful though, there are floating nether fortresses and lava clusters. Good luck and have fun!


  1. Place your water source at the top of the world and let it flow down to get the most from it!
  2. If your nether portal generates above the island, use scaffolding to get down easily!
  3. Convert zombie villagers using weakness potions from witches and gold from pigmen!
  4. Trade with the Wandering Trader for additional crops and materials!
  5. Get another water source from trading or a cauldron!
  6. Use nether portal generation to farm obsidian and netherrack!
  7. Buy podzol from the Wandering Trader to get more dirt!
Challenges (in no particular order):
  1. Collect 32 obsidian!
  2. Collect 64 red nether brick!
  3. Collect a beacon!
  4. Collect 16 ender pearls!
  5. Collect 32 phantom membranes!
  6. Collect 24 ghast tears!
  7. Collect 5 iron ingots!
  8. Collect a trident!
  9. Gain infinite water!
  10. Start brewing!
  11. No deaths!
  12. Kill the Wandering Trader 5 unique ways!
  13. Capture two of each barnyard animal! (Cow, sheep, chicken, pig, horse)
  14. Build and populate an aquarium!
  15. Build and populate a village!
  16. Defend your village from a raid!
  17. Win in a melee fight against an iron golem!