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This addon gets rid of your plane old iron golems and replaces them with much more powerful knites that will stop at nothing to protect the village! These Protectors are great for defending against raids and much more!

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These knights will spawn inside of villages and will fend off anything considered a threaght!


These Knights are much more powerful and normal Iron Golems. The have 300Hearts of health which is 3 times more then an Iron Golem. i also made it so that they are slightly faster then zombies which will make it easier for them to Hunt! the knight also has much sharper senses and can sense mobs from farthure away and is overall more stronger then an iron Golem being able to throw mobs twice as high in the air! although the knight is a beast it opposes no threaght to players.

Loot Table

if one is strong enough to they one of these down then they will be heavily rewarded. The knight will drop

. 1 iron sword

. 0-1 iron helmet

. 0-1 iron chestplate

. 0-1 iron leggings

. 0-1 iron boots

. 1-3 diamonds