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After a reconnaissance, life was discovered in the coldest corners of the planet, the snowy biomes will no longer be the same and it will be up to you to show your resistance in the face of adversity and the new jaws that will want to kill you

Trailer Prehistoric Evolved Kerfees Expansion

After the release of the assets of Halloween and the permian, We made a decision, already the vast majority of our species are free and seeing that biologically speaking the ecosystem is still standing, the rest of the assets of the entire Prehistoric Evolved franchise will be released from captivity, one step at a time, our new plan is to see how these creatures can adapt in record time to a new environment where they will be forced to coexist, and although this will affect the lifestyle of the participants who decide be part of this project, Sebas Evolved Industries will be in contact with the participants, guiding them and making them aware of all the new adversities they will face.  

The first division to be released is the Kerfees Exhibition, in this wave are creatures from different poles more specifically than what was once Australia, however there is also a considerable list of hybrids which will coexist with the rest of Dinosaur

The first creatures that are part of this expansion is 


(image in the wild)

This special exotic herbivore comes from Alaska, that’s why its name, in comparison they are small creatures but it has a strong bone hull which helps them defend themselves from predators

It has two variants, the female and the male, at the point where they are babies they could be domesticated with beets


(image in the wild)

This little Dinosaur will be found in the snowy plains fleeing from predators, normal they are an initial part of the food chain although i his agility helps them to survive

This Creature is Neutral and being in a juvenile phase can be tamed with sweet berries


(image in the wild)

Unlike the Trinisaura, the leallynasaura are larger, have a long tail and strong and stable legs, they are faster and can face predators

These little ones will be seen jumping in the snow and when they are babies they will be tame with sweet berries


(image in the wild)

This normal species confused with sauropods will be seen in herds of various members looking for plants under the snow. 

not many predators will attack these Dinosaurs however they are the prey of the Crylophosaurus


(image in the wild)

(the name is Imperobator)

This agile predator will be seen in groups of up to three individuals hunting in the snow plains what are Trinisauras and Leallynasauras

Its coarse and elegant plumage will allow it to survive in difficult conditions, They are likely to communicate with each other

You can tame this powerful predator with beef when it is a hatchling of Imperobator


(image in the wild)

This powerful species of ankylosaurus has impenetrable armor, the only disadvantage is that its armor is very heavy, so sometimes it will have to rest

Due to their intimidating appearance no Dinosaurs will attack them

You can tame this herbivore with wheat when it is a baby


(image in the wild)

This is an impressive hybrid species resulting from Dracoceratops and Proceratosaurus, a small but supremely dangerous hybrid. 

If persistence level is admirable, they are not afraid of any Dinosaurs

You can tame this hybrid with apples in its juvenile phase


(image in the wild)

The largest super predator of this wave, Nanuqsaurus, a feathered species of tyrannosaurus which is at the higher of the Arctic food chain, at least for now.

their plumage will drop random feathers like the imperobator

you can tame this super predator with pork when they are young


(image in the wild)
(the legs cannot be seen but are under the snow)

This dangerous predator is the genetic combination of a Kelenken and a Gryposuchus

They are herd birds, since in groups they will hunt whatever, they are very fast and agile, being one of the most dangerous hybrids that have stepped on the snow

You can tame chicks of grylenken with rabbit meat


(image in the wild)

This is the largest flying reptile on this continent, covering the sun when it passes below it.

You tame this creature with beef, they will meekly let you ride on them and take you through the sky


(image in the wild)

you will see this huge hadrosaur attentive on the plains ready to defend itself

if its enormous size is not enough, when it gets on two legs it doubles its size, being an imposing creature

You can tame this titan with Wheat when it is just a baby


(image in the wild)

This hybrid of Miragaia and Dsungaripterus is one of the most common in this biome.

They are normally herbivores however due to their large plates and quills they will also eat meat

when they are babies they will be domesticated with beef


(image in the wild)

This bird is a hybrid of Harpagornis and Deinonychus, It has a spectacular elegant plumage, being very striking and imposing birds 

They cannot be handled but they can be ride

They can be tamed with rabbit meat


(image in the wild)

This famous Snow Dinosaur is one of the most dangerous in this wave

They have a large size and considerable agility, you can find males and females

If you want to have a Cryolophosaurus in your ranks, look for them when they are babies and give them beef

this Expansion brings with it a new TERRORIZE MODE functionality which you can know in the next video


This wave is very special, one of the most complete in our entire organization, be attentive to possible new Expansions and new projects

Only the worthy will shake the snow


  • 1 Download the addon in the link that says RESOURCES AND BEHAVIORS
  • 2 Export it to the game (once downloaded automatically when opening it will be exported)
  • 3 When creating the map, necessarily activate the EXPERIMENTAL mode
  • 4 In the snowy biomes you will see all these creatures in their splendor