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With this add-on add your Minecraft world an invasion of symbiotes in which you will find a variety of mobs that exist in Minecraft merging with the Venom symbiote which will increase their stats, skills and even more dangerous than they were mobs.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer, (Twitter)(Youtube)(Donation).


This add-on was published on MCPEDL.COM, it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube leave credits, put the download link from mcpedl and not put the direct download link or create your own download link or you will receive a complaint.

This add-on will not replace any Minecraft Vanilla mob.

This add-on adds new enemies so you must be very careful because they are not the same mobs that exist in Minecraft.

Creeper Venom:

Their explosion is now bigger than that of a normal creeper, they are not afraid of cats or ocelots.

Zombie Venom:

These zombies are faster, produce more damage than a normal zombie and are immune to fire.

Skeleton Venom:

They do not attack with the bow but attack melee, have more life and are immune to fire.

Phantom Venom:

They have more health, produce more damage and are immune to fire.


They have a larger size than a normal spider, produce more damage and have more health.


Unlike the normal spider and Spider-Venom these are tameable, to tame a Spider-AntiVenom you need to give it an antivenom bottle, when you have it tamed you can make it follow you or not, you can also ride on it.

Enderman Venom:

These endermans have a lot of health and produce more damage.

All symbiote enemies will drop their respective items and there is a chance that you will drop their symbiote bottle so you can use it to create armor and symbiote tools.


Symbiote Sword:

  • Damage: 11
  • Unbreakable.

AntiVenom Sword:

  • Damage: 15
  • Unbreakable.

Symbiote Pickaxe:

  • Speed: 0.5
  • Unbreakable.

Armors have push resistance.

All tools and armor can be enchanted.

This add-on is compatible with the World Animals add-on and Lots of Health add-on.


  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world.