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MC: Incredible Vee-Jay Boss Add-on
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Hi guys do you love undertale game and also you’re one of the fans of veejay?. And do you play undertale too or you use add-on inspired in undertale?? If yes this add-on is good for you this add-on inspired in veejay and undertale and yes i added gaster blaster here too but the gaster blaster here is chicken yes a chicken that shoot laser

Btw my name is wracks gaming and my partner in making this add-on is rhievenn john

This add-on is made for mob battle purpose only

Although we made this add-on op but this is not the strongest mob so it means this add-on is can defeat too by another add-on


health: 999999

damage: unmeasurable

mobility: 0.30

veejay is a great youtuber modelize by others cause of the ability in video editing and nice personality

undertale game 

one of the greatest game made by sorry i dont know the creator name 


chicken blaster = chicken blaster is like a gaster blaster like in the game undertale but made with chicken that shoot a yellow laser that can instantly burn enemies


turn on experimental mode to make this add-on work properly

if you want to showcase this add-on please don’t give the direct link and credit the creators

Wracks Gaming and rhievenn john


  • keep up forward and dont stop to your dreams

Please subscribe to my youtube channel wracks gaming

And please if you dont like this add-on better to go look in other add-on and dont say anything that can hurt the creators cause we made add-on free we dont asking for any favor for making add-on