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Welcome to TNT wars a minigame that is all about tnt and explosions. This is a automatic refreshing map meaning you don’t have to copy the world over and over. And there can be as many people as you want in it.

There are two teams: Red and Blue. At the beginning you can click the buttons to which ever team you wish.

After you sort out the teams. The there will be a netherite base on the island you’re on and it is filled with materials to build any type of tnt cannon.

After you gather all your materials start building the cannons. And launch tnt at each other. Make sure you don’t fall off or die because you will lose!

After that you can either finish/reset the game or you can spectate the battle!

After clicking the Reset Button it should restart everything.

Now there a few rules: don’t build outside of island border, don’t mine down the obsidian, don’t build up.

Thats it for this minigame I hope you guys will enjoy this with your friends and if you guys got any suggestions for this minigame or a new one tell me in the comments below.

Installation double click on the file and it should give you the world.