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Want more throwables in Minecraft like Shurikens? Well here you go, this add-on adds 6 new Throwables in Minecraft to make Minecraft more interesting and fun. Because you know that Minecraft only has a few Throwables like the eggs, splash potions, enchantment bottle etc. so this add-on adds 6 more (and more will be coming soon). These Throwables are useful for damaging and mining and even farming…

This add-on adds in 6 new Throwables and I will definitely add more soon or even tomorrow! Who knows? I just like to keep it simple and short for now to make it short and just add more and more to the add-on. But anyways, about the add-on. You can get these Throwables by commands or crafting so its survival friendly. Don’t forget to turn on experimental gameplay before using this add-on.

Now I’m going to show you the crafting recipes and what each Throwables does.

Crafting recipes and effects of each throwable.


Command – /give @s pa:shuriken

Damage: 10

Crafting Recipe:


Command – /give @s pa:dynamite

What does it do: Dynamites explode when thrown.

Power: 6

Crafting Recipe:

Kinder egg…?

Command: /give @s pa:kinder_egg

What does it do: Spawns 4 full grown chickens.

Crafting Recipe:


Command: /give @s pa:molotov

What does it do: Molotov explodes when thrown as well as leaving fire in the area.

Power: 4

Crafting Recipe:

Broken Ender Pearl

Command: /give @s pa:broken_pearl

What does it do: Broke  ender pearl works like a normal ender pearl but it doesn’t go that far. But it’s craftable.

Crafting Recipe:


Command – /give @s pa:dart

Damage – 6 but has high velocity

Crafting Recipe:





Kinder egg

Broken Ender Pearl


 that’s it for this add-on. Don’t worry I will be adding more .

Turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY before using this add-on.

Please check your current version and check if the supported versions match your version.

If you are recording a video of this add-on, please don’t put the direct mediafire link, put the link to this mcpedl page.

Don’t steal this add-on or put this add-on in an add-on app.

Comment down below any suggestions you would like me to put in this add-on and I might put your suggestion in.

That’s all, thank you for your cooperation :).


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2. Click the button that says FREE ACCESS WITH ADS, don't click the premium one

3. Press the read article (you don't have to read it.) and wait 10 secs and click the "X" button

4. Click continue and you're done! Really simple right?

5. if you're having trouble download the zip files. I made it a little bit easier on the procedures.


After you downloaded it click the file manager and click the More Throwables.mcaddon. Once you click it, open it with Minecraft. If it says level import failed. Go to your file manager and move the file to the documents folder or any folder. It should work this time.