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Skins, skins, skins… You want to choose the best one for you: PVP, bully, cool, cute, robot etc. But the best ones are the hand-made skins. A few years ago, in the Update Aquatic, I used the Steve skin, until I saw how many custom skins are on-line. After that, I made my own custom skin!

This pack is mostly made for my friends, because they keep asking me to give them my Minecraft skin, but also because I wanted to have all of my skins in a single pack, and not to search them in my phone’s gallery.

There are five skins in this pack:

– Original

– Mask

– Armor

– Infused

– Fully Infused

Here is how they look:

Since to be, the last one looks silly 🤣🤣🤣

The original concept of my skin pack came from a SF movie with a huge orange robot walking around.

 You can:

 – look at the code

 – copy the code

 – make a YouTube video with the skin pack

 – edit the skin pack

 You can’t:

 – claim this skin pack

 – re-post it with little or big tweaks 

Code: Bridge Core

Design: Blockbench