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MC: Underwater Basketball [Minigame]
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Welcome to underwater basketball, a sort of inverted mini golf where the goal is to the the “basketball” (orange terra-cotta) into the hopper to complete the level. Since 1.13 was released, items float up now, and this game utilizes that mechanism.

Creator: Allswal
Note: I do not take credit for the original concept of the game. I saw it in a Mumbo Jumbo video and just expanded on it to make a Minigame.

How to play?

In Underwater Basketball, you enter the court (marked with signs indicating which ‘Hoop’ number you’re on), stand on the marble block, and throw your Basketball toward the hopper. You need to get the perfect arc on the shot, otherwise it will miss the hopper. If you make it, there will be a firework explosion to signal that the Basketballs went in. Also there will be obstacles in the later hoops, including bubble columns and bouncy slimeblocks. There are 8 ‘Hoops’ (courses) in the game.

Important Note: If the minecarts on the last hoop aren’t moving for some reason, please give them a push to get them started in the right direction.