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Have you ever thought about riding other mobs than horses? Like a cow, chicken or other mobs which are wandering around in your world when you’re on at night?

This add-on adds some features which lets you have more rideable mobs.

This add-on was made by: TMG Team 

You are now able to ride the following animals:
  • Cow and Chicken without any saddle

  • A player ride on chicken by using this add-ons

More features abut this add-on:

  • Cow can be ridden by 2 players
  • Chicken can only be ridden by 1 player

How to ride on the mobs?

Long press on your screen for Android, and if you are on Windows 10 just right-click to ride the mob.

Upcoming Updates (Future Updates)

  • Adding more mobs for player can ride on 
  • From rideable can be rideable and controllable

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How To Install?

  • Import by using Minecraft
  • Create/choose your world go to behavior packs and choose the more Rideable  behavior packs