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MC: Sandview Modern House [Creation]
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This map features a seaside house located on a small seashore. Behind the house you will find a tropical forest that you can explore by yourself. There is also a dock in front of the house where you can park your boat or view the beautiful huge sea. The house is a three-story mansion with plenty of living space, including multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and a pool area.

Creator: FalBuilds, Twitter Account


The first floor (ground floor) has:

  • A small living room
  • A kitchen + dining area
  • A swimming pool on the outside + chilling area

The second floor has:

  • A chatting area + music player
  • A music room + a piano
  • A balcony to view the swimming pool

The third floor has:

  • A gaming area
  • A small balcony
  • A bedroom + a toilet/bathroom

Creator’s Note:

If you have any suggestions or ideas for my next creation, feel free to contact me on Twitter!