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I made today an addon that adds uncraftable things craftables, like horse armour, trident, and name tags. and I added ashes which are pretty cool and you can make a new block out of it! 🙂

Hello and welcome to my first addon, I hope you enjoy contact me on discord if you have any questions Xstepperson#0509 and yeah I hope you enjoy 



This addons adds lots of more crafting recipes for uncraftable things and i added ashes which adds a new sword and a new block. Alright let’s start with horse items, first with horse armours 3 diamonds and 1 saddle, 3 gold 1 leather, 3 iron 1 leather

The saddle is kinda expensive but not too expensive 1 gold block 2 leather and 1 lead, which you can create later

next is the trident and the totem! the trident does the same amount of damage 4 diamonds 2 quartz totem 4 gold blocks 2 emerald blocks 1 diamond block

and we have the very wanted book and quill, which is going to be very helpful 1 book 1 feather 1 ink sac

Next we have the lead which will be very helpful 3 leather and 3 sticks

Now for the new stuff I created, we have tan paper just paper with a log at the start of it 2 sugar can and 1 oak log

now combine them and make a name tag! Craft it by making it exactly how it looks 2 tan paper and 1 iron

then make ashes, which you can by addding lava with paper or tan paper (Sorry furnace wouldn’t work it just auto deleted) lava and tan paper/ paper

next you can make an ash block 4 ashes

and finally we have the last thing! The ash sword! It does 5 hearts or 10 counting half hearts, and it doesnt take durability, and it can be enchanted with any enchants used on other swords 2 ash blocks and 1 sticks